Investors lose confidence in banks

In the wake of the financial crisis, higher earners have become more suspicious of banks. This is confirmed by the current German Wealth Monitor (GWM) – a study that has been conducted by the Frankfurt BrandControl institute since 2006 twice a year among 1,000 top German earners. In addition to investment behavior and media usage, attitudes toward banks and trust in financial institutions are examined in particular.

The use of government bailouts by troubled banks

The use of government bailouts by troubled banks

According to GWM, the use of government bailouts by troubled banks is, in principle, viewed positively by top earners and considered as a helpful means of overcoming the financial crisis more quickly. On the other hand, this does not promote reputation and customer confidence.

According to BrandControl, now has to credibly communicate to their customers that the security of the investment is top priority. They must identify ways in which they want to hedge against similar developments and risks in the future. Only then will banks be able to regain the trust of their investors.

Transparent and honest communication regarding their investment


German top earners are increasingly in need of increased security, transparent and honest communication regarding their investment. One in four investors surveyed by the German Wealth Monitor intends to change their investment behavior. The trend is clearly moving away from risky to safe asset classes. In addition, wealthy investors rely less and less on investment advice from bank advisers and increasingly want to manage their own assets.

We are clearly aware of the fact that more and more private investors are looking for alternatives at Good Finance family and have seen a tremendous increase in investors in recent months.

Have a very low correlation with other asset classes

Have a very low correlation with other asset classes

Investments in the Good Finance family credit marketplace have a very low correlation with other asset classes. The risk of Good Finance family-funded loans is low volatility and is independent of stock market performance.

Given the good returns, even after deducting the premium risk and the 09.02. Good Finance family investment is ideally suited for deposit management – in line with effective diversification. The German Wealth Monitor study also confirms that we are creating a marketplace that offers security, transparency and fairness, and that allows users to do good business with each other on their own.

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