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How to Renounce a Succession

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  Renunciation of a succession The right to the renunciation of an inheritance is granted to all the heirs, without having to justify their decision. The latter, however, have ten years to reverse their decision , provided that no other heir has accepted the inheritance. However, the law permits an acceptance to the extent of […]

Expensive Loan: If The Interest Deduction Is Abolished.

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Several million Swedish households have mortgages and several million Swedes have private loans. An abolished interest deduction would have a direct effect on these households. Therefore, one has politically not wanted to take on this issue and constantly pushed it on. But given that interest rates are so low at the moment, it is easier […]

Benefits of the Credit in Fine In The Case Of a Principal Residence

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  How does one calculate a credit in fine?   By browsing the repayment schedule of a repayable loan with a constant maturity , we realize that the monthly payment is identical for the duration. This includes a portion of the amortized capital , that is to say, which has been repaid to the bank, […]

Interest Deduction Private Loans – Declare Lower Costs!

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What does it mean to deduct the interest on private loans You can deduct the interest you have paid on private loans in the previous year. You can deduct it against interest income crown for the krona (offset) and if you have had more interest expenses than interest income then you can deduct it against […]

Payday loans debt relief – Click here today to find out more about payday loan debt consolidation companies

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In this note we are going to mention the OCU that warns about the practices of the companies of debt reunification that the organizations are doing respectively. Click here today to find out more about payday loan debt consolidation companies The debt consolidation is a type of loan that brings together all the loans that are in progress, in […]

Loans and Personalized Mortgages

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With 448 offices spread across the Mediterranean coast, Albacete and Madrid and 120 million euros as Net Profit, personal loans leads the conglomerate of Personal Loan Group from 2010 and that currently boasts to be the fifth savings bank in Spain for own funds and the seventh for assets. Among its flagship products, personal loans […]